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Acción de Mujeres Ecuatorianas (“AME”) - Is an Organization composed of a group of Ecuadorian and Latin American ladies who join together to give our dedication, commitment and love to raise funds for children in need in Ecuador and when the case merits we join in helping children from other countries, thus maintaining the Legacy of our founders, Mrs. Maria Eugenia Cordovez.

Always keep in mind that only achieving a goal is for "AME" an incentive and a gratification for all the members of this group and now implemented the technology, which promotes our era, we continue in our strong work of solidarity through activities to obtain funds and thus make contributions to multiple agencies which have benefited innumerable institutions mainly in Ecuador and families that enter the United States looking for medical treatments for their children.

This legacy of love and solidarity was founded around March of 1985 by First Lady Maria Eugenia Cordovez during the Presidency of Engineer Leon Febres Cordero. The former First Lady along with other ladies met in the residence of Mrs. Josefina Villafuerte to start the establishment of this humanitarian institution in favor of Ecuadorian children.

AME today is an IRS-recognized organization with 501 (c) (3), allowing any donation received to be deducted from taxes.

Historically, all nations have had to face, at some point, the problem of misery and poverty. Today, extreme poverty affects more than a billion people around the world. Poverty is declining but efforts to combat it are still insufficient. However it is not an unrealistic dream, there are solutions, and one of them is our organization, like so many others, that fights for this goal.

Currently the Members of "AME" are: Anita Sevilla, Cecilia Ycaza, Gloria Rojas, Eugenia Rojas, Guadalupe Molina, Jimena Vasconez, Leticia Plaza, Maria Antonieta Velez, Maria Nelly Valencia, Maggie Fernandez, Marta Mora, Raquel Donoso, Rosita Martillo, Sandra Torres.

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